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Lithos about  The Do's and the Don'ts:
Aug 17, 2013
We have ordered this catsuit for my wife, made to measure. The fit is absolutely fantastic and it looks exactly like in the picture. We chose the

version with the small keyhole which still allows a bra to be worn invisibly, if desired.
The build quality of the suit is top notch. The keyhole is lined with stripes of latex in the back to strengthen the construction. So are all the

points with high strain. The zipper is not only glued in but also sewn in (never saw that before, excellent). Also, all zippers are lined with latex

sheeting in the back to avoid hurting your skin. The latex (0.4mm in our order) feels exactly like the one from Radical Rubber. Everything we

expected from a high quality latex garment has been fulfilled, there is no difference to European latex makers.

The finish: We have used the chlorination service for all the items that we have ordered in this batch. The items have been chlorinated very well,

the latex is smooth everywhere. I have had chlorination in Europe that left several parts still sticky so you still had to resort to dressing aids,

not here. If there are people that are still unsure about chlorination, here are a few more details about the results with pros and contras.

Chlorination will make the whole surface of the latex very smooth by changing the structure of the outer layer of the latex (polyisopren is turned

into polychloropren). Chlorine attaches to the molecules of the latex and reduces the friction considerably, giving it a silk-like feel. It is not

toxic or anything, the outer layer is simply turned into what is also known as neoprene (the stuff used for diving suits). The latex still feels like

latex though, it is still tight and very stretchy.
The process will change some of the very bright colors. White will turn a little bit more yellow and transparent latex will be more milky. Other colors will be as vibrant as ever, especially after shining. So if you are going for that fairy-tale-white dress, you might abstain from using chlorination, for everything else: go ahead. Putting the garment on is easier than ever because the latex will not stick to your skin as long as the skin is TOTALLY DRY. If your skin is moist, even chlorination will not help you, back to dressing aids.

When the latex arrived from Catfish it had slight chlorine smell on it. This is completely normal and will go away soon (usually washing and

drying it for two times is enough, as was the case with our order from Catfish). The latex will smell like latex (slightly sweet smell) but it will

not be so super intense as untreated latex. If you can't get enough of the smell, don't chlorinate. If you like a garment with a reasonable level of

smell that does not smell like a rubber factory, go ahead and chlorinate. Will our next order be chlorinated again by catfish? Yes, without any doubt.
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Mr. Søren Pedersen about  Latex Face Entry Catsuit:
Dec 16, 2013
After a bit of problems whit DHL who somehow couldn`t find out how to send my suit to my I finaly got it november 28 by EMS whits worked out fine

Advantages: Because the way it`s made it alwsays snapes itself into the best fit around my body. it`sso nice to whear because there is no anoying zippers to restrict mowements. The 5 toe sock I have got atached is an nice touch. It`s so mutch fun to put on the suit especialy when you have worked your arms in it and the shoulder snaps in place around you. Wow

Disadvantages: A bit tight to get on and wery hard to get of whitout help.
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Mr. B schraven about  El Gimperator:
Aug 13, 2013
i ordered this suit in size M in color red, attached hood with open eyes nose and mouth.
Thickness of suit is 0.8mm.

Quality of the rubber is excellent, strong and for its thickness 0.8 very flexibel.

It is glued very good, seams are very strong and nicely evenly glued.

Overal it is a very good suit for its price.

Production time is also very acceptable, depends on what extras you order with athe suit.

Chlorination i did not do with this suit but is preferable because you don't need talcum powder or silicone gell to get it on.

They let you know via email when they ship it out to you.

You can track your suit untill the dhl man delivers it to you.

You can't get it cheaper and better!

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Jun 28, 2013
This catsuit was the first product I ordered from Catfish, because of their very attractive prices. I had it made to measure and I am really glad I bought it. It fits perfectly, it is very well manufactured with good quality latex. And so I bought a second one with attached socks, a different color and I am really satisfied. I can only recommend Catfish!

Advantages: Manufacturing time is quite rapid, even with made to measure items. Top Quality/Price ratio.

Disadvantages: Can't find any...
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Mr. B schraven about  Custom Moto Suit CANV572:
Oct 18, 2013
I ordered this suit made to measure for a few weeks back.

Ordered it in black and with my own custom text in thickness 0.6mm.

First of all the fit is perfect.
Glued seems are really good and strong and no rinkles.

The trim is glued on also perfect and has NO air bubbles under it.
The zippers they use are also very good and slide like butter. ;-)

I also let them chlorinate the suit and even that is perfectly done.
I can recommend everybody to do the chlorination!
Chlorinated suits or garments don't need talcum or oil to put the suit on.

Overall these guys know what they do, very proffesional company.

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The Isakness about  Custom Moto Suit CANV777:
Dec 14, 2013
I ordered this suit made-to-measure with full chlorination, with separate gloves and socks included. Right out of the box, I was blown away by the quality and the craftsmanship. Let's start with the material itself. All of the rubber is extremely high quality. For the complexity of the pattern on this particular suit and the amount of individual cuts that had to be made, everything came together beautifully and flawlessly. The seams are all well-glued with zero wrinkles and the fit of the suit itself is perfect. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a great latex suit. After my first experience with Latex Catfish, I would be seriously hard-pressed to want to spend my money elsewhere.

Communication with the company itself was also very

Advantages: Great measurements system = perfect fit, perfect seams and gluing, great communication with the company, reinforced stress points, great latex material, cutting and craftsmanship

Disadvantages: The leg of the socks was a little wide. That's all!
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Jessica Black about  The Pretty Woman:
Dec 23, 2013
I have ordered several pairs of these boots with various catsuits and the have worked out amazing.

Advantages: They are always custom fit and made to match whatever latex outfit you purchase perfectly. The shoes are sturdy and easy to walk in. I've been able to wear for hours at a time without my feet hurting, they truly are wonderful.

Disadvantages: The cost is a little more than I typically like to pay, but when the color and size is always a perfect fit, it's a little hard to argue about the price since I've been so happy with mine.
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rbrpic about  Latex Neck Entry Catsuit:
Sep 27, 2013
I wear rubber since 20 yrs and I can say this is an excellent product, I ordered the suit in standard measure and it fits perfectly. Surely I will buy other products
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Justin about  El Gimperator:
Sep 23, 2013
Exactly what I was looking for, i ordered it in black with the hood, gloves, and socks separate :)

Advantages: fast made and shipped in just a little over couple weeks

Disadvantages: nothing!
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Raimar von Winterfeld about  Red Marvel:
Jun 4, 2013
I have ordered this catsuit in black with yellow stripes.
Made to measurement was excellent and the quality of material is 1A.
My first catsuit, that fits perfect.
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Awesome about  El Gimperator:
Nov 23, 2013
I am very satisfied with my new black integral catsuit, it is exactly what I needed.
I have chlorinated it myself, with some bleach and white vinegar. It takes several hours to do, the more you repeat the chlorination, the softer your latex will be. Mine is softer than the softer of all baby skins! You can also ask for the chlorination service, which I have not tested yet.
For me this catsuit is a MUST HAVE, for a democratic price!

Advantages: a Rapid service
a Good price
a Legendary look

Disadvantages: Nothing to say now
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Jessica Black about  Short toe socks:
Dec 23, 2013
Quite fun to wear, especially if you enjoy being completely enveloped while retaining the anatomical look.

Advantages: Nice fit for individual toes and looks great.

Disadvantages: Wish it came in other colors besides black. Make sure to get the right size. Too small and your toes will fall asleep.
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Merllin Yusuf about  Da Bombshell:
Feb 11, 2014
I adore this catsuit! When I put it on I never want to take it off :) Very good quality!
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Miss Hollie Chawner about  Blue Thunder Space Plugsuit:
Jul 1, 2013
Got this catsuit in made to measure. The design is excellent and we are very impressed. I would certainly order another one!

The latex is great quality, the same as any european company and the glue work is good as well.

We also asked for the feet and gloves to be unattached and posted along with the catsuit. The feet were perfect however the gloves were a slightly different colour.

Advantages: Cheap, good quality, great designs, excellent customer service/communication

Disadvantages: Gloves were the wrong colour.
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Lithos about  Lone Starry:
Aug 17, 2013
We have ordered this item for my wife in black, with a white trim and a pink logo. Very nice combination. The fit is great thanks to the made to measure service. The article looks great in the demo picture but I was afraid this might have been enhanced a bit thanks to nice lighting and some camera tricks. Thankfully, I was wrong. It looks exactly like in the picture, very slim and perfectly tight. There are two little fake pockets with metallic rivets, nice detail.
We ordered it together with article CF-SKNV014 and it looks great together.

Finish: The top has been chlorinated. I have made a more thorough review of catfishes chlorination services in the following article if you are interested: CF-CANV544
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Mr. Jack Poma about  U+2623 Suit:
Aug 28, 2013
Great product. Excellent quality! I was really impressed with the clean glue lines and the attention to detail. Nicely done!

Advantages: The gas mask is real and fully functional. The fit was spot on (I went custom). The gloves are heavy grade and they really added much to the look. Go with the .06 (Trust me on that).

Disadvantages: The powder used has an odd order. But I'm sure by the first washing that will go away.
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Klaus Vergara about  Latex Neck Entry Catsuit:
Sep 27, 2013
I ordered this suit as made to measure. The Suit fits perfectly. It is my first Latex Suit ever and when i put it on the first time i was amazed how tight it is.
But i really love that Suit...maybe i order a Short Suit Neck Entry ^^

Advantages: -good communication!
-good delivery time!
-very good fit!!
-good quality

Disadvantages: Can't find any...
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Rubberfilip about  Custom Moto Suit CANV572:
Oct 30, 2013
Well made suit with superb job on letters and logo's. Gluelines are very clean and crotch is re-enforced. I got a Medium and it fits like a glove. Very good first experience with Latexcatfish!
The standard rubber is slightly thinner than what you get here in Europe so next purchase I will go for a thicker option if available. But this standard thickness has the advantage of being very flexible and tight-over-the-body fit.

Advantages: Fits snugly and arms are not too big so they do not show any excess material or folds.
Very nice and butch looking suit!
The price is excellent for all the work done on it! Thumbs up indeed!

Disadvantages: I would prefer a slightly more sturdy and larger zipper. This one is the standard one you have on suits but again very acceptable though.
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Mr. Nicholas Robertson about  Solid Entry Level Catsuit (zip front):
Oct 30, 2013
I ordered this suit with attached feet and back zip to belly front. Its just arrived and I've inspected it carefully. What can I say, it is very well made, with reinforcements in critical places and its a great fit. Im lucky to be a standard medium. I will be buying from Latex Catfish again without question.

Advantages: Great fit, well made, good delivery time and excellent price.

Disadvantages: None so far.
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Inabara Naka about  Solid Entry Level Catsuit (zip back):
Nov 19, 2013
Just got mine (attached gloves, 3-way back zip, no feet) and I must say I'm surprised about quality of the suit for this price.

Advantages: - The latex looks good
- No glue overflow

Disadvantages: - I doubt it's global, but my gloves have been glued all inside-out ! I mean the latex on the outside has the same texture than on the inside of the suit, and vice versa.
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Mr. Luca Albergoni about  Custom Moto Suit CANV785:
Feb 15, 2014
I bought this suit by the on measure service and the suit fits really perfecly. The hidden zips looks really nice and really proud to be the owner of a suit like this.
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Mr. Brian Rolph about  El Gimperator:
Apr 24, 2014
just received my suit,well made and a good fit, excerlent value. a good experience all round.
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Eugene Sim about  El Gimperator:
May 22, 2014
Excellent piece of work, very good quality and service provided. A decent company which provide good and excellent service.

Advantages: Excellent quality

Disadvantages: Long production time but worth the wait.
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Mr. Philip Stavenhagen about  El Gimperator:
Jun 20, 2014
extremely well made suit, I ordered large in 0.6mm and it fits me perfectly. the seams are perfect with the gluing very good. I shall next suit with condom fitted.
You cannot buy better anywhere> Catfish are very good to deal with and you are kept informed of the progress all the time.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none
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Rubberfilip about  Latex Face Entry Catsuit:
Jul 31, 2014
After the suit broke, I contacted Latexcatfish and they replied very promptly. They offered to make a new suit and offered even a choice of 0.2mm or 0.4mm. Now THAT is great customer service. That is mainly why I have ordered two more suits from them!

Advantages: Great Customer service and very prompt replies to e-mails.

Disadvantages: None
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