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Shorter Tee-Shirt Sleeve Style Castuit

Shorter Tee-Shirt Sleeve Style Castuit

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Customer feedback

A User
May 29, 2015
5 Stars. This suit is great! I ordered 0.25 chlorinated. There was a mix-up on the order -- I had wanted a low neck but I received the standard turtleneck. Thus, I trimmed off the high neck. (carefully with scissors).

Advantages: Featherweight -- you hardly know you are wearing latex. The codpiece allows good access for relief (or other purposes)

Disadvantages: Not a disadvantage, but a warning: On the suit, at the crotch just below the codpiece, where the leg and body seams meet -- this MUST be pulled up and in contact with the skin just under the scrotum. The side seams on the legs must be in contact with the undersides of the cheeks. If there is a gap this will lead to tears in the latex (and tears by the owner)
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