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Latex Neck Entry Catsuit

Latex Neck Entry Catsuit

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Customer feedback

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Sep 27, 2013
I wear rubber since 20 yrs and I can say this is an excellent product, I ordered the suit in standard measure and it fits perfectly. Surely I will buy other products
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Jul 10, 2015
This is an amazing suit. I got it with separate gloves and socks and attached penis sheath. If you get this suit get it chlorinated - you will slip in effortlessly and also makes movement or just relaxing feel amazing. It is silky smooth and has a really cool airtight feel. It feels like a second better skin and you just won't want to take it off. I have relaxed on my bed in it and wake up the next morning realizing I still had it on. I am also so impressed at the seam structure and reinforcement. I thought when I was getting into it that something would give, but this the is MADE TO LAST. The only thing is it is extremely hard to get out of. But let's be honest the struggle is part of the fun. You will need to apply lube inside the suit at least around one arm to be able to free it and slip it through the collar.

Side note. I found that when wearing the gloves and socks with this catsuit I got overheated. I recommend going the safe route and getting them unattached so you can enjoy the suit without crazy sweating. Just my experience.

Advantages: Extremely well made. Strong reinforced seams. Price. Customization. Chlorination excellent inside and out - well worth extra $50

Disadvantages: It is a pretty hard to get out of but that is what you can expect with this type of suit.
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Klaus Vergara
Sep 27, 2013
I ordered this suit as made to measure. The Suit fits perfectly. It is my first Latex Suit ever and when i put it on the first time i was amazed how tight it is.
But i really love that Suit...maybe i order a Short Suit Neck Entry ^^

Advantages: -good communication!
-good delivery time!
-very good fit!!
-good quality

Disadvantages: Can't find any...
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Mr. Drew Bello
Oct 1, 2013
First neck entry suit, fits perfectly as do the accessories. Well made product and will get more for self and wife. Good people to work with.
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Mr. stephane herel
Nov 20, 2014
I ordered this suit as made to measure ans in 0.25, and wonderfull, just perfect a very excellent surprise, i'm very very happy i sure to buy again in latexcatfish store.
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Oct 17, 2017
I can't believe that it has taken me many years and various catsuit purchases to realise how good a neck entry catsuit really is. I had this chlorinated, making for a smooth entry into the suit and rather than add feet, as I normally do, I thought I would have stirrups and separate socks. Put the socks on first and it looks like a footed suit. The neck is lower, not high into the neck, making for an easy wear under day clothes.

Advantages: Firstly, the 0.4mm latex stretches really well at the neck to allow an easy entry. The chlorination works well and being made to measure gives a lovely smooth fit. I mentioned stirrups before. This allows for quicker drying for washing after a wear, with a little air circulating for a faster dry. I only wish that I had chosen neck entry suits before, when they don't have hoods attached.

Disadvantages: None.
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Dec 12, 2013
everything is good, fits perfectly
my girlfriend and I tested it yesterday :)
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Mr. Michael Navarre
Mar 26, 2015
It has been an adventure being this is my first catsuit. Service from Latex Catfish has been good and my changes to the standard were followed exactly. I went with made to measure being so short. As I type this I'm wearing the suit. I got a supply of dressing prior to getting the suit. I tested the fit without dressing, but stopped knowing I really did need dressing. I turned the suit inside out and laid it on plastic and hand rubbed on the dressing. I covered myself with dressing, my back being somewhat incomplete. Using the video of your Latex Catfish model, I went through putting the suit on. I had ordered the suit with 15% reduction in size and even though there was some moments of doubt I completed smoothing out the suiting up. My preparations and putting on the suit was about one hour. The tightness is what I wanted, it makes the suit winkle free after smoothing out. I've seen other comments about the suit being air tight which I'm experiencing right now. Everything has been molded.

Advantages: Good workmanship
Got fast contact using USA phone number

Disadvantages: Total time was 2 months, included Chinese New Year
DHL did not have local delivery, lost a day
No other negatives, I got what I wanted
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Philip Tyler
Apr 30, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Superb! I had the made to measure option and the suit fits superb. It feels so good on it should be banned! :) Excellent job Latex Catfish and thank you for making me such an awesome suit.

Advantages: The lack of zips on this suit means there is none of that 'ruched' effect you can get with front and back zips . Surprisingly although it's neck entry it is quite easy to put on, and once on the fit and feel is superb.

Disadvantages: Once on you don't feel like taking it off! :)
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Nov 1, 2016
I have to say that this suit is awesome. Latex Catfish really does care about giving out a great product. The latex they use is really strong (I did .40 mm), I did a silicone finish outside, and attachable gloves and socks. The tightness is just great. I been working out for the last year and I was surprised how much of that shine came through the suit. Went with a standard large, and it fit me 95%. Had a few minor folds here and there, but nothing that people notice. But I would say either go for a made to measure suit or get someone to measure you to compare to their standard sizes (rule of thumb, the larger the size, the taller and slimmer they assume the body type). Really important you do this!!!

Went out to the Las Vegas Fantasy Fetish Halloween Ball and got a lot positive feed back about it. Took quite a lot pictures with a lot party goers and I really had a great experience.

The women there loved my latex and the feeling of someone touching me through the material is amazing.

If anyone wants to try to see if they like latex or needs something for an affordable price, Latex Catfish is really the place to go.

I want to thank you guys and gals at Latex Catfish, you really made my night awesome!

Advantages: The neck entry gives me a seamless look. Like the tightness, goes with any costume you might want in the future. Fits great, the silicone finish really shined! And with a dressing (Talcum, or Water based lube) is not the hard to get on.

Disadvantages: With any neck entry suit, you'll always going to have the problem of getting out of it. You have to be more careful not to rip the suit (No long finger nails). But taking a warm shower or using some lube to get out usually does the trick. Plus cleaning the latex while wearing is really nice!
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Corbin Hendricks
Jul 4, 2014
All I caan say is WOW. This is the best fitting/looking suit I have ever owned. The standard measurements are spot on. The material is perfect. There are absolutely no flaws in the construction and reinforcements in high stress areas. I couldn't ask for better fit or constructon. Well worth the wait.

Advantages: Too many to list

Disadvantages: None what so ever.
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Mr. Ad Struyk
Jun 3, 2015
There was a waiting time for this catsuit but it is well worth.
Perfect made and great fit.
Good support thru e-mail.
I am very satisfied and order more garments in future.

Advantages: Great fit even in standard size.
After wearing this all day I did not want to take off.
Very good prices.

Disadvantages: None
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Mr. marcus shull
Aug 23, 2016
I was amazed by the speed in which my item arrived. I am happily wearing it now. Again, I ordered the standard medium size. It feels tailor made for me. Excellent fit, finish and build quality. This time, I ordered this suit with the optional rounded neck. It makes this suit a bit easier to put on and take off. I cannot recommend Latex Catfish's products enough. I look forward to my next purchase!

Advantages: Attention to detail, excellent seam work, very comfortable, excellent long term comfort for long scenes.

Disadvantages: If I had a criticism, I would like to see the suit produced without the seam running down the chest. As a Neck entry suit, it would make for a more flattering silhouette.
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Mr. Yohan
Nov 21, 2013
Great ok. I can only pay tribute to the catfish. perfect fit. I feel comfortable and proud.

I love you very much
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Mr. Nathan Merritt
Mar 6, 2014
First neck entry suit, amazed by the quality!! Ive only owned latex products for about 3 years now but can easily say this is the best product ive owned by far!
Cant believe how much the neck part can stretch!!

Advantages: Extremely fast shipping!!
Clean, well made product
Fantastic communication
Soo many options
Love this company!

Disadvantages: No disadvantages, highly recommend this company!!
Thank you!!
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Mr. Christoph
Apr 14, 2014
Ordered in Made-to-Messure, fits perfect. Wonderful catsuit, easy to get in, easy to get out. I Love it! Delivery was extremly fast, Thank you Catfish.
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Mr. Søren Pedersen
May 11, 2014
I ordered the neck entry suit january 24 2014 and I recieved it in martch. I ordered it in tranperent skin color and whit gloves and feet atached. It also has the high neck collar. I must say that when I climped into it for the first time I was amased how well it fitted. When you get into it you don´t whan to take it of

Advantages: Very good fit even for a standard size suit. No annoying zippers only latex

Disadvantages: A bit hard to take of
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Mar 29, 2015
This was my first neck-entry catsuit and I was not disappointed in the slightest!

Ordered in Black .25mm, standard size small, it fits like a glove, slipping it on is effortless and the difference in feel to a catsuit of .40mm is incredible, it's almost like wearing nothing at all.

The only slight problem I have is that taking it off is a bit more tricky than putting on. For Newbies to Neck-Entry a bit of practice in taking it off is required.

As my first purchase from Latex Catfish, I was delighted with how well it turned out and I would definitely consider buying again.

Advantages: It's an amazing fit, the build quality is fantastic, it feels like a genuine second skin and it came at a great price. This catsuit is so easy to put on it is amazing!

Disadvantages: NONE!
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Mr. Ramón Gallardo
Jul 19, 2015
Wearing different brands of rubber during 10 years and i totally recommend this product. It's well reinforced in the armpits and fits me perfect. Good quality vs money paid

Advantages: Price, quality, good look because it has no zipper

Disadvantages: Extremely hard to get in and out but it worths for such a sexy look!!
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David G.
Oct 15, 2015
Good quality manufacturing, good chlorination, beautiful cuts, a world of goodies to chose from! Lovely!!!

Advantages: Good stuff, very VERY good, reactive and kind customer service, very fast shipping.
I can only recommend this one to people who like me have been "enslaved" to overpriced, slow european manufacturers.
We'll be customers as long as the catfish swims ;)

Disadvantages: no disadvantages, you get what you pay for and more considering the lightning fast service and shipping.
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Oct 31, 2015
I've been looking around for a Latex catsuit for sometime, but have always been put off by the cost!
That ALL changed when I discovered Latex Catfish!!
Talk about value. I'm currently wearing this suit after ordering it 'off the rack' and it fits quite well and would definitely recommend liberal use of a 'dressing agent'. The construction is very sturdy and I can feel that I'll be wearing this suit for years to come.

Now to see what else I can from this great site!!

Advantages: Good Fit
Great Value and service

Disadvantages: None - although getting in the catsuit without a dressing aid is not recommended!!
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Mr. marcus shull
May 16, 2016
The moment it arrived, I suited up. that was hours ago and I am still wearing it. I ordered mine with crotch/rear zipper with attached socks and gloves. I went with the standard thickness and Medium men's size. I would swear it was custom made for me. The fit is so perfect. I am going to be sad to take it off.

Advantages: Excellent construction, superb fit, great communication and quick shipping via DHL

Disadvantages: None so far!
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Adrian Kiu
Jul 25, 2016
Wow, got a chlorinated, 0.25mm thick version with attached socks and round collar option, absolutely loving it... trying my best to wear it whenever I can! I wonder how the non chlorinated version feels like...

Advantages: With the round collar option, I can wear it under plain clothes and it won't be so obvious!
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Aug 21, 2016
i have bought this twice now first time i got it standard size i was good but im a bigger guy so the neck tore after about 6 months trying to get out of it i have since got it made to measure deffently way better and fits (more) correctly only wish i would have had the neck a couple of inches (about 5 cm) larger then i got it since the high neck rolls in on its self i have a 19.5 inch neck ( i got the high neck option not the rounded)

also if you read this get a crotch zipper you'll regret it if you don't since you have to take the whole suit off(down to your waist) in order to use the restroom

get detached gloves if you want them since the gloves are molded and not made since the sizing might feel weird i ended up cutting them off my first catsuit

Advantages: freedom of movement over zippers that go the length of your back(or front) since they have no stretch to them

Disadvantages: to take it off you need to jump into the shower to use the water to help you move it around and off your body ... but after thinking about it you'll probably do that anyway since most of the time you will want to take a shower after wearing a catsuit so its not really a downside
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Mr. Corbin Hendricks
Jan 5, 2017
Suit just arrived. Chlorinated is the way to go, silky smooth and so easy to put on. Perfect fit. Thank you so much.
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