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Solid Entry Level Catsuit (zip back)

Solid Entry Level Catsuit (zip back)

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Customer feedback

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Inabara Naka
Nov 19, 2013
Just got mine (attached gloves, 3-way back zip, no feet) and I must say I'm surprised about quality of the suit for this price.

Advantages: - The latex looks good
- No glue overflow

Disadvantages: - I doubt it's global, but my gloves have been glued all inside-out ! I mean the latex on the outside has the same texture than on the inside of the suit, and vice versa.
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May 8, 2014
Very nice latex catsuit !
I has had an bad experience with the latex made in china but with Latex catfish there is a good working... The latex is good quality... The cut is correct, the size is just. I hope that in time the catsuit will life a long time !

Advantages: - Affordable price = please not change !
- 1 at 2 weeks for have the order, it's good reactivity

Disadvantages: At this time, no disadvantages !
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1st Timer
Jul 29, 2014
Just got the suit today (my first ever) and after trying it on I must say the feeling was amazing. This was my first, but certainly not last order from Latex Catfish. Very nice price/quality.

Advantages: Faster delivery than what it says on the webpage. It says 34 days but I got mine in 28 days. very nice. Very good support when you need help or questions answered.

Disadvantages: None at this time :)
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Mr. Matt Rodrigues
Jul 14, 2015
My first ever catsuit, fantastic , love it. i got this custom made and i don't regret it. i got the two way zippier in the crotch with the shoulder zips.. the catsuit also came with a patch incase it broke in any places which it hasn't after 50 hours of wear so far.

Advantages: Custom sizes.
Great build qualitly.
great finish.
comfortable .

Disadvantages: Needs lots of lube to slip in to , the zips in the shoulders make it hard to slip the arms in. took 3 months to revive after chasing the company up
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Sep 9, 2015
Just got mine. It took couple months to arrive but it was worth the wait. I ordered mine made to measure and it fits perfectly! Also latex quality seems to be good. I don't have single bad word about this product.

Advantages: Latex quality
Fitment (Made to measure)

Disadvantages: Manufacturing time
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Nov 14, 2015
Just got mine (3 way zipper, no gloves or hood), and I'm very pleased with it. It's simply a very well-made latex catsuit, it's made-to-measure. At this price, that's just incredible.

Delivery time is long though, so plan ahead!

This was a test purchase for me, and LatexCatfish passed with flying colors! Next time, I'll order several items, to economize on the shipping costs.

Advantages: Great quality, unbeatable price! What more do you need?

Disadvantages: May be a small thing but the powder used masks the typical scent of the latex, until it's washed properly.
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Mr. Kyle Moore
Apr 23, 2016
This is my very first latex catsuit I have ever purchased. I must say that this latex catsuit is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I had mine with no feet and no gloves BUT I had it chlorinated. Ordered a regular size Large as my measurements I had gotten by a tailor were almost exact to the standard sizing. Having the suit Chlorinated is by far the best thing I could have done. It makes for a simple dressing and boy does it pay off! I am new to owning latex clothing and I will say, I will be buying more from LATEX CATFISH. Great quality clothing. Heavy duty zippers. Feels great. Overall 110%

Advantages: Chlorinating the latex catsuit will pay off BIG time. great quality. Very nice and helpful staff that answer all your questions via email.

Disadvantages: Time. Now I know that it had said 33 days for manufacturing and to get it chloronated that was another 2 weeks. then the 5 days (which I might add was very fast) for the shipping. So a total of 52 days from ordering to receiving and wearing. Other than that, I cannot say any other comments.
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Oct 16, 2016
Good choice for latex suit beginner like me. !
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