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The Do's and the Don'ts

The Do's and the Don'ts

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Customer feedback

Aug 17, 2013
We have ordered this catsuit for my wife, made to measure. The fit is absolutely fantastic and it looks exactly like in the picture. We chose the

version with the small keyhole which still allows a bra to be worn invisibly, if desired.
The build quality of the suit is top notch. The keyhole is lined with stripes of latex in the back to strengthen the construction. So are all the

points with high strain. The zipper is not only glued in but also sewn in (never saw that before, excellent). Also, all zippers are lined with latex

sheeting in the back to avoid hurting your skin. The latex (0.4mm in our order) feels exactly like the one from Radical Rubber. Everything we

expected from a high quality latex garment has been fulfilled, there is no difference to European latex makers.

The finish: We have used the chlorination service for all the items that we have ordered in this batch. The items have been chlorinated very well,

the latex is smooth everywhere. I have had chlorination in Europe that left several parts still sticky so you still had to resort to dressing aids,

not here. If there are people that are still unsure about chlorination, here are a few more details about the results with pros and contras.

Chlorination will make the whole surface of the latex very smooth by changing the structure of the outer layer of the latex (polyisopren is turned

into polychloropren). Chlorine attaches to the molecules of the latex and reduces the friction considerably, giving it a silk-like feel. It is not

toxic or anything, the outer layer is simply turned into what is also known as neoprene (the stuff used for diving suits). The latex still feels like

latex though, it is still tight and very stretchy.
The process will change some of the very bright colors. White will turn a little bit more yellow and transparent latex will be more milky. Other colors will be as vibrant as ever, especially after shining. So if you are going for that fairy-tale-white dress, you might abstain from using chlorination, for everything else: go ahead. Putting the garment on is easier than ever because the latex will not stick to your skin as long as the skin is TOTALLY DRY. If your skin is moist, even chlorination will not help you, back to dressing aids.

When the latex arrived from Catfish it had slight chlorine smell on it. This is completely normal and will go away soon (usually washing and

drying it for two times is enough, as was the case with our order from Catfish). The latex will smell like latex (slightly sweet smell) but it will

not be so super intense as untreated latex. If you can't get enough of the smell, don't chlorinate. If you like a garment with a reasonable level of

smell that does not smell like a rubber factory, go ahead and chlorinate. Will our next order be chlorinated again by catfish? Yes, without any doubt.
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