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Fully Enclosed Chub Suit

Fully Enclosed Chub Suit

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Customer feedback

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Mr. Steffen
Aug 14, 2014
The loose design of this suit combined comfort and heavy rubber. My suit is 1mm and i think it is possible to wear 2 mm and more without any restrictions. I love this feeling, fully enclosed in rigid and heavy material and i can wear this suit over many hours. The suit is heavy enough to remind the wearer and will not forget easily. I am very excited.

Disadvantages: I do not like the gloves, the glove are to big and stiff and the hand is useless for the wearer. If you like this, then choose this. I find a normal glove with 0,6 mm better.
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Mar 2, 2014
Einfach mal richtig entspannen. Abgeschlossen von der Aussenwelt im schönsten Material der Welt. Wunderbar.

Advantages: Sauber verarbeitet. Latex riecht wunderbar. Was will man mehr ?
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Mr. Stephan Drath - Bühring
May 27, 2015
Perfekt wurden 2 mm Latex zu einem gut verarbeiteten Latexgefängnis umgesetzt ;-)

Advantages: Super verarbeitet Sodas Stundenlanges relaxen möglich ist !

Disadvantages: Handschuhe sind einwenig zu eng !
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May 23, 2017
This is my 2nd suit 1st one in red 2nd one in black

Advantages: my 2nd one shoulder zipper hood and glove sepret in xxl no croch zipper fill real good all over good to slleep in

Disadvantages: wrist cuffs good be titer
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Oct 6, 2018
Excellent product ! It is a total pleasure to be engulfed in heavy latex without any outside contact, unless the nostrils to breathe. Heavy rubber enclosure at its bets !

Advantages: Loose design allowing a multi-layer experience, thickness of rubber

Disadvantages: No problem at all, only pure pleasure
Zips difficult to manipulate with the heavy gloves, you have to put additional length to the zip to facilitate grip
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