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10 October, 2021

Latex Catfish


We have been supplying latex fashion and costumes to resellers and customers everywhere across the globe.  You've seen our clothing in adds, in movies and across the internet.  We are all latex lovers and understand how much good latex clothing means to people.

    1. Our latex sheet is made of 100% natural latex and has a comfortable and smooth feel.  Poor quality latex will not as durable or tear-resistant.  What’s worse, poor quality latex may do harm to your skin.  Some reactions to Latex are not the Latex itself but some of the blending chemicals used when the Latex is not completely pure and natural.  Poor quality latex will have bad impact on the finished product, craftsmanship and longevity of your garment.  Latex Catfish Manufacturer has stringent quality controls to make sure that only 100% natural latex is used in our manufacturing.

    2. Our corsets come with strong and high quality stainless steel bones inside.  We do not use plastic or non-stainless steel in our products.

    3. We use stainless steel D-rings, belt buckles, corset bones and similar items.  Stainless Steel will not rust nor make your latex dirty.  Our stainless material is also nickel free.

    4. We offer a limited lifetime warrantee on our products.  Not 5 minutes, but for the life of your garment.

We know that there are many fashion fans, which dislike Chinese clothes as they are “made in china”. And there are lots of complaints that many Chinese companies use copyrighted pictures or copy designs,  this was and still is, a normal “thing” to do, in China.  We were born in this country and that is how things are done here.  Our copyright and intellectual property laws are different than other countries.  China is not a signatory of the Berne Convention.  This is not to say our ways or better or worse, but competition here is different, methods of doing business are different.    In this way, we started out as Chinese companies do.  Chinese companies compete on their ability to build things, not on their designs but their ability to take something and bring it to market.  That is the way of things here were we live. Our point here isn't to advocate it, but explain our evolutionary path as a company and our corporate culture.

We are Latex Catfish Manufacturer.  We stand behind our products, our brands and our name.   We know there is a constant desire to lump all Chinese companies together because of our ethnic backgrounds or business locations.  This happens because of marketing (or anti-marketing), word of mouth by people with an agenda,  or just folklore,  which stereotypes one country’s products vs another’s.  We can't fight this - nor will we try.  We will continue what we feel makes the best sense for us, our employees, and our customers.

With help from our friends, we are following in the steps of other successful companies that use Chinese manufacturing techniques and lower operating costs, along with Western style management and business practices to bring our customers the best of both.  We will not hide who we were, nor will we hide who we are.   We were born here.  We grew up in our culture, our life and the way business is conducted.    It is who we are - yet we choose to be different, we choose to set the example and we choose to be the best - regardless of the soil we stand on and the politics around us.  We, like you, love latex for its style, uniqueness and sensuality - the pure joy it can bring to the body - and the mind of those who admire it, desire it, or wear it.  

From our family to yours, we wish you joy with our creations for many years!

- Your Latex Catfish Team

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