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China Latex Catfish's Made to Measure service further advances our philosophy of personalization and signature attention to detail. In addition to offering sheets from our exclusive selection, the service provides for customizable options with finishes and details and allows for personal tailoring according to the client's individual measurements. Each garment is impeccably tailored for a truly unique experience.

It is VERY important that you use a soft-tape to take the measurements along the skin. also HAVE SOMEONE ELSE TAKE THE MEASUREMENTS you cannot take your own measurement, no matter how good you are. Seriously, do yourself a favor and don't try this one at home as those beautiful things we make for you will not fit.

Videos on how to perform each measurement can be found for woman and man here .. Its vital that you and the person taking the measurements review these so that you can be assured of the proper fit.

Made-to-measure for man
Made-to-measure for woman

After reviewing the videos if you find that they are complicated, you don't have someone to measure for you, or you really just want an expert to do it -- then your best best is to print the form found on the [Persons] link inside your account, and take it to an alteration place, dry cleaners or other place that deals in clothing.   They know what to do.  Tip them a few bucks or some of their favorite drinking beverage and they will be happy to oblige.

From your account, you can maintain a list of "Made-To-Measure Names" made to measure templates. Each individual becomes a "size" within the normal product set. Once you log in to your accountou see the sizes as part of the dropdown in any item which can be made to measure. Take a look at the example below and you will see how your persons will appear once you've entered them