Manufacturing Process

10 October, 2021


Manufacturing  Process

Have you ever wondered about the production cycle of Latex Catfish products?

Don't worry.  We realise that this is something that our customers might be curious about.  Selecting a style for yourself is not difficult - payment is not difficult - but we know that waiting is the most anxious aspect. 

So we want to explain the order production cycle of Latex Catfish to give you a full understanding of how it works:

In a perfect world, from the moment you place an order with us, it would work like this:

· On day one we would thoroughly check your order, making sure that the latex sheet color and thickness you choose is in stock; and

· Whether the thickness is appropriate (for example, you choose a neck entry catsuit, but the thickness 0.8mm you asked for, is not appropriate) and so on.

· If the size is custom-made, we also need to confirm with the tailors that the size will not have unreasonable data;

· Then the cardboard design begins on day two;

· Cutting is done on the third day;

· Day four - everything is checked so far;

· Gluing the sheets commences on the fifth day;

· Inspection and packing on the sixth day

If that was how the process went, it would seem that we can complete your order in one week!  Doesn't that sound very exciting?!

However, the world is not perfect!  Usually our customers have to wait 7-12 weeks for us to finish the production.  Why is this?  Because, most of the time is spent waiting for the completion of the previous orders.

In the Latex Catfish system there is possibly around 250-300 orders in the queue.  Even though we have more than 15 skilled workers, we still need about 5-8 weeks to digest and complete those 250 orders.  So, by the time your order reaches the start of the process, it has been about seven weeks.

Therefore, we need to point out how we develop a production status for each order.  This process includes the below steps:

    1.   acknowledgement of your order;

    2.   a statement of when your order moves to manufacturing;

    3.   a statement of when we’ve cut and glued your item(s);

    4.   a statement when we’ve done any finishing work that you’ve requested;

    5.   a statement of when we’ve completed the item(s) and they’ve passed Quality Control;

    6.   a statement indicating when your order has shipped.

The queuing process will most likely occupy the longest time period, so please be patient. We will be responsible for your order until it has ended.  Please allow us enough production time to successfully complete your important order.

If your order is urgent for a special reason, such as taking photos, for events, parties, or appointments, please email us. We usually charge an express expedition fee according to the size and difficulty of the order to slightly advance your order.

We trust that these explanations give you an insight into the Latex Catfish production process and you are satisfied with everything.  If there are other aspects of production you wish to know about, please feel free to contact us.

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