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Custom Moto Suit CANV777

Custom Moto Suit CANV777

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Customer feedback

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The Isakness
Dec 14, 2013
I ordered this suit made-to-measure with full chlorination, with separate gloves and socks included. Right out of the box, I was blown away by the quality and the craftsmanship. Let's start with the material itself. All of the rubber is extremely high quality. For the complexity of the pattern on this particular suit and the amount of individual cuts that had to be made, everything came together beautifully and flawlessly. The seams are all well-glued with zero wrinkles and the fit of the suit itself is perfect. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a great latex suit. After my first experience with Latex Catfish, I would be seriously hard-pressed to want to spend my money elsewhere.

Communication with the company itself was also very

Advantages: Great measurements system = perfect fit, perfect seams and gluing, great communication with the company, reinforced stress points, great latex material, cutting and craftsmanship

Disadvantages: The leg of the socks was a little wide. That's all!
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Jul 28, 2014
A well-made suit with lot's of different panels, well-constructed and good gluework. However the main logo was slightly off-centre and gluelines not as clean as on my last suits. Also, you should be aware that 0.4mm is good for black color but when choosing colors, 0.4mm is slightly translucent so you can see imperfections on your skin. I would go for 0.6mm to avoid that 'problem'.
The zips are good quality and give this suit a sporty edge. But generally quite pleased with this third suit from Latexcatfish.

Advantages: Sporty, well made suit with great constructed panels and excellent cut letters and logo's.

Disadvantages: Main logo glued slightly off-centre
Colored rubber in 0.4mm is thin and slightly transparent (skin-imperfections visible) so 0.6mm would be advised.
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Mr. Martin Strunk
Oct 28, 2014
Great Stuff! Got my suit today and wear it proudly at the moment. Waiting is/ was worth while!

Advantages: Suits perfect, looks great and shows quality work! You´ve created something special for a very low price!

Thank you very much!

Disadvantages: None. :-)
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